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Circuit Breaker Blend - 1kg Whole Bean Coffee

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Circuit Breaker Blend (v9) comes with no label in a white bag with a roasted-on date on the bag - Whole beans only sorry at this stage.

This is a new blend we are working on (constantly refining).  

Think truck driver needing to stay awake (or grey nomad making the dish back from QLD to VIC) on a long drive style blend. This is not for the faint-hearted, or caffeine-sensitive person, it packs a huge punch........

This batch is 70% robusta again, but we have switched out the brazil pulped natural robusta for a jumbo-sized Indonesian JAVA Robusta plus the ever-popular Kaapi Royale from India (both have twice the caffeine as arabica) blended with an organic Colombian bean from our good friends at Cedro Alto.

Think smooth as silk, dark like your favourite stout and sweet like a malty caramel shake (but with a huge caffeine kick!!)  it’s a crema monster. Thick, luscious and full of flavour. 

Roasted to a medium/dark level, perfect in a flat white, cap or latte.

Whole bean only, roasted on 03/10/21 & only 15 bags so get in quick before it sells out - This will drink best from 7 days onwards.

We are aiming for a smooth deeply flavoured roast with this one, with more than enough strength to cut through bigger takeaway cups of coffee........  Hints of nuts, toffee and Malt.