Cleanskin (Myanmar) Filter roast - 400g in Gold Bag

Cleanskin (Myanmar) Filter roast - 400g in Gold Bag

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In Myanmar, though coffee has been grown on a small scale for a long time, cultivation generally commenced in the 1980s with the government’s opium eradication program.

The coffee quality from Myanmar is improving every year. It's quite rare to see specialty coffee from Myanmar, but the future is bright with some coffees cupping close to 90 points in recent harvests. 

Myanmar is kicking goals and we're pumped to share it with you.

Whole bean only, roasted on 23/10/21 & only 20 bags so get in quick before it sells out - This has been rested for 7 days.

This is a light, fruit-filled coffee with tea-like mouthfeel perfect for V60, clever coffee driopper, plunger, aeropress.