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India Elephant Hills

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Its BACK in stock finally

Our favourite single-origin from India - Elephant Hills.  

This is the sweetest bean we have roasted to date.  It hails from the Thalanar region well known for growing coffee, citrus and cardamom.

Well processed and screened to A grade.  Super sweet yet quite bold in milk based drinks.  The perfect bean if you like your coffee sweet and strong.

Elephant Hills is found in the mountain of Valparai in Tamil Nadu at the height of 3500 feet. The farm is surrounded with an abundance of variety of different plants to provide shade for their coffee trees which produce very complex and flavourful coffee.

Region: Valparai, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment 
Altitude: 3500 Feet
Best with: Espresso, Stovetop, French Press
Cupper's Notes: Chocolate Butter Cookies, Vanilla, and Cardamom