Karon Farm Coffee is an online retail store open 24/7 to allow its customers to buy coffee rain, hail or shine anytime of the week. 

The Karon Farm Coffee roastery is located in Gordon, regional Victoria, which is  just outside of Ballarat and an hour west of Melbourne.  At this point in time the farm and roastery are not open to the public.

The roastery purchases specialty grade green coffee beans from socially responsible distributors and only roasts to order. Karon Farm's ethos is to provide the freshest coffee possible which not only provides the customer with a delicious coffee experience but reduces storage and product wastage costs. Smart and Savvy!

At Karon Farm, its not just the coffee we are passionate about. We are a small hobby farm raising Angus cattle, free-range chooks and home-grown veg. When Karon Farm Coffee first came to life, we were farming Boer goats and so our logo of a little goat on a rock was created.


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