Social Responsability


We don’t use specifically “Fairtrade” certified beans as we aren’t convinced they are the best model for the farmers and drinkers of coffee alike.

Fairtrade is aimed more at commodity grade coffee which is often much lower quality t.han that of which we trade.

We work with a specialty trade model. It’s a pretty complex issue, but in short fair trade vs specialty are separate systems.

Fairtrade is a way for guaranteeing a minimum wage to the farmer. Which is a good idea, however, Fairtrade does not relate to coffee quality in any way.

The Specialty coffee model pays a premium for quality, much higher than the minimum wage. Although no certification process, and highly subjective, it does encourage farmer and roaster to consider longer term relationship based on continuous improvement, community, sustainability, and ultimately - quality.

These systems both require continuous improvement to ensure a healthy and sustainable coffee future for all.

We source our beans from farmers/importers who have a commitment to sustainable practices as well as being socially responsible within their communities.  Below is a link to one of our biggest producers in Brazil with information about their practices, we think its top notch. 

We are doing our best to have a positive impact on the coffee world! We also lend money to small coffee farmers through Kiva loans and donate money to which we think is an amazing little charity as well as supporting as many community endeavours in the area.

You can read about the work fair crack does here