Bezzera Mitica TOP

Bezzera Mitica TOP

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Bezzera Mitica is one of the great Italian espresso machines and has all the important barista features. This will deliver the best coffee, espresso and cappuccino like the legendary commercial-grade Faema E61 brew group. The solid steel housing has a beautiful polished finish.  Truly one of the top models from the espresso inventor Bezzera!

The Bezzera Mitica TOP espresso machine contrasts with the Domus Galatea in that it has clean lines and a classical styling as well as a rotary pump.  This Mitica TOP model can either run from the in-built tank or be plumbed in to the mains water supply.   With a 2 litre boiler, it has enough steam to froth a 1 litre jug in no time at all.

Free local delivery up to 50klm from Gordon - Ballarat, Ballan, Daylesford etc plus  Each Bezzera machine purchased from us comes with 1kg of each of our blends, Morning Habit, Lal Lal Falls and Orgánico.  Plus a free 12 month service at our roastery. This extras package is valued $300. Machines will be delivered approx 7 days from order.

Bezzera Mitica TOP Key Benefits
  • Traditional Italian styling: Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body: AISI 304 commercial grade polished stainless steel
  • Frothing Ability: 1L Jug with 38 second recovery
  • Water/steam: Fully flexible stainless steam & water arms
  • Cup Warmer: Space for 8 cappuccino cups
  • Temperature stability: Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety and greater thermal stability
  • Gauges: Eye level boiler & pump pressure gauge
  • Boiler Refill: Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage.
  • Additional Functionality:Rotary Pump - Tank/Plumbed Convertible


Bezzera Mitica TOP Specifications
  • Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
  • Element: 1450
  • Boiler: 2L
  • Group head: Faema E61
  • Water Supply: 4L Tank
  • Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cutout and optical indicator
  • Boiler Construction: Heavy Duty Copper
  • Head Heating: Thermosymphonic
  • Handles: Single and double
  • Accessories: Blind basket, Measuring spoon, Group brush
  • Weight: 22.7 Kgs
  • Width: 320mm
  • Depth: 450mm
  • Height: 400mm