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Karon Farm Coffee

Brazil - Santa Monica Anaerobic Fermentation - Filter roast

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This coffee is roasted for filter (V60, Chemex, Aeropress etc) to let the beans' natural flavour shine. It's suitable for all styles of filter brewing.

Tasting notes of Blackberry, Toffee, Syrupy & Sweet

Jean Vilhena Faleiros is a third-generation coffee producer. His family has been in the coffee industry for over 100 years. Jean's farm, Fazenda Santa Monica, is located in a privileged region of Brazil with altitudes of 1240 meters above sea level and a perfect microclimate for the production of specialty coffee. 

Jean only uses environmentally friendly pesticides, no chemical insecticides, nor herbicides. He has heavily invested in improving the fermentation process of the coffee, using temperature-controlled drums.

Santa Monica today has 10,000 square meters of African beds and one of the most modern wetlands in Brazil.

For this lot, Jean kept the coffee fermenting in laid barrels with a specific strain of yeast. Under this controlled environment, the yeast fermentation adds alcoholic-like flavors.

Ideally, grind coffee just prior to brewing for enhanced taste & aroma.

If you're interested in using our beans in your business please get in touch at or via social media @karonfarmcoffee