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Burundi coffee is always hard to find, this example has a huge body, delicate acidity, with hints of lychee, black currant, cherry and milk chocolate. It makes an amazingly intense and complex double espresso/long black and brings its lovely berry and choc notes to a flat white.


Tasting notes: Boozy, Intense, ripe fruit sweetness

Internal cupping score: 87.25

Buziraguhindwa is a communal washing station located in Kayanza region, Muruta commune, north of Burundi on the border to Rwanda. Coffee farms in Burundi are small with over 3,000 coffee farmers from surrounding hills selling their lots to the station. Buziraguhindwa originally produced mainly fully washed coffee, but in the past years has experimented and are producing good amounts of natural and honey coffees. This coffee was specifically grown in Muruta and processed at Buziraguhindwa washing station.


Ramadhan Salum is the owner and managing director of his four washing stations. Salum’s washing stations have a solid reputation for producing exceptionally clean and top quality coffee. Salum sees a lot of value in supporting the local communities. He’s creating employment, has built infrastructure for the locals, giving out seedlings, has donated land for a school as well as supported it financially. This, together with the premiums and second payments for the coffees, is to encourage the farmers to increase the quality in their farms and pick better cherries during harvest. And that will again be beneficial to all of us.