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Chilled to perfection

Chilled to perfection

Summer is here and the weather is hot, which means we need our drinks cold, and coffee is no exception.

On those perilous 30-degree days, when we’re looking for a caffeine hit, the last thing we want is to brew a hot coffee. Nor do we want to be reaching for a soft drink. So, what’s the solution?

Iced coffee of course!

No, we’re not talking about something that looks like a giant milkshake covered in cream. We mean quality, flavourful coffee that doesn’t require all the extras. 

Here are a couple of our favourite ways you can achieve this at home.

Chilled option 1: Cold Brew

Cold brew has mellower and more muted flavours than coffee brewed with hot water, and it is often described as being smoother in taste due to its decreased bitterness. As a bonus, cold brewed coffee comes with a few health benefits.

Did you know:

  • Cold brewed coffee is kinder to the stomach.
    Hot coffee is more acidic because the heating process causes more oils to be released from the coffee beans, so if you drink cold brewed coffee, you are less likely to encounter acid reflux, heartburn, and other symptoms related to a sensitive stomach
  • Cold brew has more antioxidants.
    Coffee beans contain antioxidants and other nutrients that your body needs to function. When you eliminate the heat from the brewing process, you increase the extraction of chlorogenic acid - an antioxidant your body uses to fight off disease and aging.
  • You may not need the sugar.
    Cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter than hot brew coffee due to it being less acidic. So, if you can cut the creams, milks, and sugars from your cold coffee, you reduce your calorie intake.
  • It has less caffeine.
    This one can be seen as pro or con. However, it’s true – cold brewed coffee has less caffeine than hot coffee, and lower rates of caffeine consumption can reduce the risk of developing health conditions like osteoporosis. It’s also a nice little perk if you’re someone who loves the flavour but isn’t looking to be on a caffeine buzz late in the day.

So, there’s the why, now let’s discuss the how.

Cold brewers are readily available on the market, but we like the Body Brew Cold Brewer because it takes your cold brew experience to a whole new level.

The Body Brew is an immersion cold brew system. It efficiently extracts delicious flavours and aromas from the coffee beans without mess or fuss. The stainless-steel filter makes 24oz (700 mls) of a super concentrated coffee extract per brew cycle, leaving you with coffee that’s rich, balanced, and refreshing.

Once you have your brew, can store it in the fridge easily for a week and you have several cups ready to go.

Chilled option 2: Japanese style Iced Coffee

Japanese iced coffee is simply hot brewed coffee that is then allowed to filter over ice. This method allows for the coffee to cool instantly, locking in those fresh, clean, and aromatic flavours. Unlike cold brewed coffee, this method manages to preserve the crisp flavour and powerful aromatics you know and love from your hot coffee.

Another benefit to this method is speed. You can make one cup of cold coffee as quickly as you do your hot coffee, using the equipment you already have. Simply fill your class, cup, or carafe with ice, and prepare your coffee as per normal, letting the ice instantly chill your brew and capture those wonderful flavours.

If you have an espresso machine, a double shot extracted onto ice, topped with milk is the simplest tasty iced coffee you can get!

So have a little fun this summer experimenting and making your favourite hot drink ice cold while you chill out in the shade.

The Body Brew Cold Brewer is available to purchase on our website, and as always, if you’d like more advice on brewing, grinds, devices or choosing the right coffee bean for you, drop us a line. We love to talk all things coffee.


Happy caffeinating!

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