A boutique coffee roaster located just outside of Ballarat in Gordon, VICTORIA, creating artisanal, tasty, fresh roasted coffee to order.

Perfecting the art of roasting in a small batch drum roaster, KARON FARM COFFEE delivers taste, body, strength and sweetness in every cup.

We roast the weeks orders on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which ensures your cup of coffee couldn't be any fresher (sometimes we sneak a midweek roast in too!). Free local delivery occurs on Monday and Friday each week. 

Technivorm Moccamaster Classic 1.25 Litre with Glass Carafe

Our Coffee

House Blends

We practice the science/art of blending multiple varietals and origins, to produce the optimum balance of flavor, aroma and body in our coffees. We ensure that all of our origins are ethically sourced, we use organically grown beans when possible.  We believe that the beans should speak for themselves, and prefer to spend our money on quality products, rather than on a big marketing budget.

Single Origins

We feature as many hand selected, quality single origins from around the world as we can ensuring everyone will be able to find a coffee that they love to drink.  Taste is everything.

In summer we will also roast the single origins a little lighter on request so that they really shine as cold brew.  Perfect for the hot weather