Coffee all the way from Ballarat to Malaysia

Coffee all the way from Ballarat to Malaysia

When you are a coffee lover, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you always want a good cup of coffee.

Several countries are renowned for their long-term (even historic) love of coffee and are famous for their serving style – Italians for their espresso, Americans for their multitude of add-ons, and Turkish for their dark, unfiltered brew.

A little closer to home, Malaysia has quickly become a coffee culture destination and in a very exciting development, Karon Farm Coffee will soon be on their radar if it isnt already.

Our good friend Wendy Tang has spent the last few years learning the art of coffee roasting. Now, with a sound understanding of how it all works and what the Malaysian market likes to drink, she has decided to open Karon Farm Coffee Malaysia, and we couldn’t be more excited.

“Malaysians have always enjoyed coffee, but it is has changed over time. Our local coffee is bitter and dark, roasted with margarine and sugar. That’s the type of coffee many people know growing up.

“Then there are the second-wave coffee shops like Starbucks that people still love, however now we’re seeing more and more third-wave coffee shops opening in Malaysia, especially in bigger cities.

“The younger generation prefer the third wave coffee, but many people still have the impression that coffee is supposed to be dark, bold and bitter.”

So, what makes Karon Farm right for Malaysia?

“Since Karon Farm is an Australian company, with Luke’s expertise and award-winning blends, it will spark a lot of interest in many coffee lovers here in Malaysia.

“I personally love the Lal Lal Falls blend. I drink it black. I love how sweet and juicy it is!”

Everyone starts their business with a dream and ours has always been to share our love for quality, sustainable and responsibly sourced coffee. Now, with Wendy helping us to achieve our dream, we’re right by her side to help where we can.

“Luke has been a great mentor through my journey in coffee. He gave me so much advice, basically everything about coffee!

“I learnt about brewing equipment, greens selection, roasting techniques, selecting machinery, packaging methods and even tips and tricks with setting up my roaster.

“Luke came to Malaysia and we spent days roasting and perfecting the Mount Buninyong blend. He taught me the importance of production roasting too. Any time I’ve had a question, Luke has provided an answer.”

We’re so excited to be working with Wendy and embarking on this new adventure together.

If you’d like advice on brewing, grinds, devices or choosing the right coffee bean for you at home or your workplace, drop us a line. We love to talk all things coffee.

Happy caffeinating!

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