Ballarat FRV & Coffee

Ballarat FRV & Coffee

We love what we do – sourcing, blending and roasting to give coffee lovers their perfect cup.

For most of us, coffee is more than a hot drink. It’s our daily kick-start, our mid-morning reward, our afternoon time out, and sometimes it can even be part of our end-of-day wind down.

For the team at Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) Ballarat on Sturt Street, it’s even more than that.

The station is occupied 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all 60 members of the crew are devoted coffee drinkers. The espresso machine is always fired up and ready, whether it’s for the morning shift change and handover, a team meeting, training session or a job briefing.

When it comes to the phrase “I need a coffee”, these guys mean it.

Lucky for us, after a quick station survey, the crew at FRV Sturt Street decided Karon Farm was the preferred bean to keep the team going round the clock. They use our signature blend Morning Habit, and our darker variety, Mount Buninyong.

Scott Gambino, Senior Station Officer at FRV Sturt Street, explains why coffee is more than a habit for his team.

“Talk to firies anywhere and they’ll tell you how much they love their coffee. It’s certainly true for the crew here, but it’s also part of our process in forming and building a strong team.

“We meet over coffee to talk, discuss, debate, and even unwind. This job comes with many highs and lows, not to mention varying levels of stress. Having a conversation over a cup of coffee helps us bond, allows us to debrief after a job, and builds team morale – all of which makes us a stronger and more effective team.”

So why Karon Farm Coffee?

“Choosing a local supplier was important to us, and the Karon Farm blends are so consistent. We’ve never had a bad batch, and we go through about 15 kilos of coffee a month. The flavour is always on point.

“Add to that, Karon Farm makes life so easy for us. They deliver to our door, and if we run short on beans at any stage, all we have to do is put in a call. They’re great with advice and always happy to help. We know we can rely on them for great service and great tasting coffee, and in our line of work, reliability is everything.”

For us at Karon Farm, it’s certainly rewarding to have the team at FRV choose our beans to help keep staff morale high, and on alert. We like to think we contribute to their brave and invaluable work in some small way.

A huge thanks to Scott and the team for their support.

If you’d like advice on brewing, grinds, devices or choosing the right coffee bean for you at home or your workplace, drop us a line. We love to talk all things coffee.

Happy caffeinating!

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