Quality camping coffee – yes, it’s possible.

Quality camping coffee – yes, it’s possible.

Easter is fast approaching and if you’re like millions of other Aussies, you are ready to pack up your tent, camper or caravan and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Camping is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, because it’s a great way to truly escape and leave the hustle and bustle behind us for a while. Yet there are some things that, in the 21st century, we should never have to leave behind.

Such as our perfect cup of coffee.

A true camping experience involves cooking over the open fire, which means your coffee ritual may be reduced to a boiled billy can and a teaspoon of instant granules. Not exactly satisfying if you’re used to a rich espresso, balanced brew, or fragrant French press. And packing up another bulky item such as a coffee machine… well that’s not tempting either.

Good news – we have the solution! The AeroPress or the slightly more compact Aeropress Go.

The lightweight, compact device makes for the perfect camping coffee companion, and while it seems so very simple to use, you can switch up your method and experiment until you find your way to quality camp coffee.

Method 1: Upright

This method is often termed the “normal” way to use the AeroPress, because it’s what the instructions tell you to do; and because of that, it’s also the easiest way to use the AeroPress. It is a mix of the pour-over method with a French press and the paper filter style. So, it is a culmination of three diverse brewing styles into one.

In the normal method, hot water is poured over the coffee grinds and the coffee starts to drip through the filter almost immediately, and your cup steadily fills. Easy. The only issue here is that because the water starts to drain immediately, it can lead to slight under extraction, giving you a small portion of weak coffee before you push the stronger coffee through.

However, as it is so easy to do, it is a great way to go for AeroPress beginners and will still give you a far superior camping coffee to instant coffee.

Method 2: Inverted

That’s right – you can flip the AeroPress upside down to create a French-press style device. By doing this, you prevent water from prematurely leaving the coffee grounds. The coffee can steep for as long as you like and then, like a French press, you extract all the deliciousness at once, making for a smooth, evenly flavoured coffee.

The downside is that right before you extract your coffee, you must flip the AeroPress, filled with coffee and boiled water, back up the right way. This can lead to mess, and even the chance of a burn if the cup and AeroPress body are not held firmly enough during the flip.

It’s a method that may require a little practice but will give you full bodied flavour throughout the whole cup.

No matter which way you brew it – conservative upright or challenging inverted – the AeroPress is the solution to your camping coffee conundrum. A lightweight device, some quality grounds, and boiling water is all you need to achieve caffeine bliss.

We recommend using a coffee / water ratio of 1:16, so approximately 15.5g of finely ground coffee (not as fine as espresso but close) to 250g of water.

Visit our website to buy your AeroPress and perhaps some coffee (we can grind it expertly for your AeroPress if you choose), and get ready to hit the road this Easter. We hope the Easter Bunny stops by your campsite too!

If you’d like more advice on brewing, grinds, devices or choosing the right coffee bean for you, drop us a line. We love to talk all things coffee.

Happy caffeinating!

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