Chris's Custom Blend - 1kg Whole Bean Coffee

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No label - white Bag (w/roasted-on date on the bag).

This is a new blend we are experimenting with as a team, Chris (our new roaster) & Luke have both had input on this one.  

Smooth, caramel, toffee, & a touch of fruit if you get the pour right.

This is a three-bean blend, Pulped Natural from Brazil, Natural processed Indonesian (this was our single origin of the month in March) and the highest grade Robusta we can source from Java (for added crema and caffeine punch).

Think smooth as silk, sweet like a jersey caramel (but with a nice caffeine kick!!)  and some background fruit from the Indonesian beans when you get the pour just right - it’s a crema monster. Thick, luscious and full of flavour. 

Roasted to a medium-dark level, perfect in a flat white, cap or latte.

Whole bean only, roasted on 29/04/2022 & only 8 bags available so get in quick before it sells out.