Local Collaborations

Calling all aspiring artists, illustrators and producers!

We are in the process of planning a change to our packaging/labelling (as well as adding some merchandise to the store) so we are looking for local artists, illustrators & designers who would like to see their work on our merch and/or packaging.

In return you and your art will feature on our socials, your art/illustrations may appear on the our packaging and/or merch. In return we will send you FREE STUFF (merch, coffee, tea etc - to be worked out!)

If you want to get involved, hit us up at hello@karonfarmcoffee.com.au

Local Producers - we love a good coffee and ......... collaboration.  Are you the .......... if so get in touch with us & let us know at hello@karonfarmcoffee.com.au

In 2019 we were lucky enough to collaborate with a soap maker extraordinaire @g_handmade_soaps and also an amazing chocolate maker in Trentham @atelier.chocolat.trentham and now we would like to hear from anyone else we can work with locally.