Ballarat Coffee fresh brown bag

Brown bag blend - 1kg Whole Bean Coffee

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Brown bag blend (no label - Brown Bag w/roasted-on date on the bag)

OK, so we are happy with the brazil profile from a few weeks ago, now comes the time to blend it.

An all Arabica blend with the afforementioned Brazil beans blended with a small portion of high-quality African beans, both roasted today.

It still has plenty of strength to cut through milk, and we are aiming for just a hint of fruit at the end of the palate to lift the finish slightly.

Tasting notes for the beans from the importers are - Brazil - Almonds/Hazelnuts, Cocoa, milk chocolate, Africa - Cocoa, red fruit, blueberry.

Whole bean only, roasted on 19/09/20 so super fresh, & only 12 bags so get in quick before it sells out.

The perfect bean for your @home flat white, Cap or Latte - jump on it If you have a sense of adventure and like to provide feedback!