Ballarat Coffee fresh brown bag

Brown bag blend - 1kg Whole Bean Coffee

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Brown bag blend (no label - Brown Bag w/roasted-on date on the bag)

This is a new Indian washed Arabica bean with 33% high high high-end Costa Rican added

Roasted to a medium level, perfect in a flat white, but will work equally well as a long black. Withthe right grind and pour the costa rican fruit will shine through at the end.

Whole bean only, roasted on 15/02/21 so extra fresh, & only 12 bags so get in quick before it sells out.

We are aiming for a smooth roast with this one, with more than enough strength to cut through bigger takeaway cups of coffee........  Hints of Nuts, toffee and malt with a fruit finish when used in a latte/flat white.