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Karon Farm Coffee

Prosumer Espresso machine: Comprehensive service 12 months - approx 2.5 hours

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$75 diagnostic/booking fee paid upfront.  Approx service cost is usually $250 for a full service (see details below) a quote will be provided after diagnosis - prior to any work taking place.

We recommend having a comprehensive service done every 12-18 months (depending on usage) to keep your expensive prosumer machine running smoothly and ensure it makes exceptional coffee for a long time.  We only book in 4 machines at a time and unless something out of the box arises, we offer a 7 -day turnaround - You drop your machine in Wendouree at the roastery on Saturday between 10-12 and pick it up the following weekend. 

We service all E61 group head machines, as well as Rancilio, Bezerra, Nuova Simmonelli etc get in touch if you have a query.

We, unfortunately, cant service fully automatic machines, nor breville/sunbeam/jura/Delonghi etc. We recommend contacting the head office of those brands to find a service agent in the area.

Our comprehensive includes -

  • visual inspection of externals- including gauges & globes. Note and report any items of concern
  • visual inspection of boiler  (a fail would require additional work to replace/repair)
  • visual inspection of main pipework for corrosion or evidence of scale or corrosion (a fail would require additional work to replace/repair)
  • visual inspection of element for seal at boiler and water leakage at terminals (a fail would require additional work to replace/repair)
  • visual inspection of mushroom/ mushroom cavity/group valves for scaling. Brush and flush as required
  • further inspection for descale if required (Descale is not included in service and is an additional cost per hour)
  • inspect and clean autofill probe
  • inspect and replace anti-vac o-ring. Replace entire valve if required
  • lubricate/check microswitch engagement
  • remove, clean and reinstall the dispersion disk. Replace if required
  • supply of service kit of all typical consumables for group, mushroom and steam/hot water valves. Measure group valves against new and either shim or replace as required. Reprofile or replace leva cam if required
  • steam clean of machine externals
  • Test for operating pressure and normal pump ramp. Adjust if required
  • bench test min 2 hours. Monitor upper boiler pressure and adjust/replace pressurestat/PID if required
  • verify correct operation of all machine functions
  • minor repairs as required. Any extra parts for your service are at additional cost and labour charges