A history as rich as our coffee blends

A history as rich as our coffee blends

The Karon Farm Coffee story may only date back to the start of the 21st century, however our coffee connections date back much further.

As a business based in Victoria’s goldfields, it is rewarding to work with a supplier whose roots extend back to the gold rush era. Langdon’s Coffee Merchants (LCM) was established over 170 years ago by Henry Joseph Langdon, a former Captain with the East India Company, who arrived in Melbourne in 1852 to supply gold prospectors with food and other vital supplies, including coffee.

There has certainly been change over the past two centuries, however LCM is still run by the decedents of Henry Joseph Langdon, and thanks to them, we can roast and deliver some of the finest coffee beans from South America, Asia, and Africa.

In addition to great quality, Langdon’s ethos is to only source ethically farmed products, ensuring the farmer, their farm, and their community benefits from the coffee trade.

A prime example of this is Langdon’s work with a group called the Cedro Alto Collective – an organisation made up of many small-scale coffee farmers that have banded together to sell their beans.

Independently, these farms are too small to ever access roasters willing to pay fair prices. However, as a collective, they have been able to challenge the traditional supply chain.

Their history, their ethos, and their ability to supply high quality coffee makes LCM the perfect partner for Karon Farm Coffee, and we’re proud to work with them and continue the tradition of supplying the goldfields with great coffee.

You can read all about the history of LCM and the origins of their coffee on their website.

If you’d like more advice on brewing, grinds, devices or choosing the right coffee bean for you, drop us a line. We love to talk all things coffee.

Happy caffeinating!

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