Brazil 'Sweet Espresso' 16/18 - 2kg

Brazil 'Sweet Espresso' 16/18 - 2kg

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This Coffee is sourced from Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida in the region of Alta Mogiana. Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida is one of the farms operated by the experienced and progressive team of OCoffee Estates. OCoffee have some of the most advanced technology and agronomists in the nation with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical working conditions for all staff.

This lot is a blend of natural and pulp natural coffee resulting in a full bodied and balanced cup with notes of red fruit, chocolate and roasted nuts. 


  • FARM: Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida
  • REGION: Alta Mogiana
  • VARIETAL: Mundo Novo and Acaia
  • PROCESS: Natural and Pulped Natural
  • ALTITUDE: 1000 – 1050m
  • MOISTURE: 11.1%
  • DENSITY: 68.6 Kg/H

This is the Perfect coffee if you like your flat whites smooth and tasty with no bitterness.