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Colombia Popayan Reserve - 2kg

Colombia Popayan Reserve - 2kg

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This coffee comes to us via Cofinet, who sources high-quality beans directly from dedicated farmers and cooperatives in Colombia, assisting their producers by providing them with tools that allow them to improve their lives and businesses.

Cofinet invests in people, not in coffee farms, and believe that anyone with the will to produce specialty coffee can achieve this goal, by using strict methodologies for picking, processing, drying and storing coffee.

Cofinet believes that is possible to have a sustainable business that focuses on having a positive impact on the communities that they work with in Colombia. They achieve this by sourcing every harvest from the same farmers and coops. They also have a unique sourcing system were farmers are guaranteed a premium every year even when coffee prices drop below the market price.


  • FARM: Co-op (multiple)
  • REGION: Popayan
  • VARIETAL: Mixed
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • ALTITUDE: varies
  • MOISTURE: 11.1%
  • DENSITY: 68.6 Kg/H

This is the Perfect coffee if you like your Milk-based drinks (flat white, latte, cap etc) tasty and strong, but with no bitterness.