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Aillio Bullet V2 Coffee roaster

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We include 5kg of green coffee with each roaster sold. 5 days from purchase to delivery as we don’t hold these in stock and order direct from the distributor on sale. 

The Aillio Bullet R1 is a 1kg capacity, induction-powered true drum coffee roaster with a uniquely modern look. This is is the second-generation Bullet, designed in Denmark and built in Taiwan to exceptional international quality standards.

The Bullet can be operated via the touchpad interface or via PC/Mac software allowing for precise control of power, airflow and drum speed. Because the Bullet R1’s drum is heated via a patented induction system, it is far more sensitive to mid-roast adjustments than other electric roasters, imparting a feel more akin to roasting with gas.

The Bullet R1 V2 includes a brand new, patent-pending infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) which, in a world-first, offers lag-free ultra-accurate roast profiling which is not influenced by batch size.

The Aillio Bullet R1’s profiling software: RoasTime allows you to upload and store your roast profiles and recipes to share with an international community of Bullet R1 owners whose collective goal is to experiment, compare and learn together. RoasTime software allows you to automatically play back your favourite profiles to give you even more consistent roast-to-roast results.

The Bullet R1 is the smallest 1kg capacity roaster on the market, and it plugs into any standard electrical 10amp power point, making it ideal for both sample batch roasting in a lab or to compliment the ultimate set up for the home enthusiast.

Specialty coffee roasting labs can take advantage of the Bullet’s sensitivity and accuracy for sample batch roasts and quality control while home users can enjoy consistent, professional quality roasts to share with friends and family.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity via PC / Mac OS
  • Patented Induction Heating Coil
  • Maximum Roast Temperature 250°c
  • Roast Modes: Manual and Automatic
  • Dual Temperature Sensors: Patent-Pending Infrared Bean and Drum TemperatureSensor + Traditional NTC Probe
  • Drum Capacity: Max 1kg / Min 200 grams
  • Heating: 10 Power Settings with adjustments from 200w to 1500w
  • Fan: 12 speed settings
  • Powerful 30W fan for cooling tray
  • Safety: Temperature Safety Protection for all fans and electronics and software
  • Voltage: 240V / 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Power: 1600W / 10 amps
  • Length: 590 mm (750 mm including cooling tray)
  • Height: 420 mm
  • Width: 310 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg