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NanoFoamer V2 - Subliminal

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The Subminimal NanoFoamer is a revolutionary hand-held milk foamer that will froth the best silky smooth bubble-free milk for all your drinks, as well as instantly create cappuccinos and lattes. Made with incredible durability, the stainless steel milk foamer uses Nano Screens to achieve cafe-quality frothed milk, only taking 20 seconds for the perfect texture. 

The 5mm thick stainless steel drive shaft ensures the NanoFoamer has a controlled and sturdy rotation that will operate wobble-free for years to come. Due to this stability high speeds in the impeller are possible, making quick work of any regular jug of milk.

Matching a choice of specific-sized Nano Screens to suit your preferred microfoam thickness; form Superfine, fine to ordinary foam. Simply add your screen, place the Nanofoam wand into the heated-up milk and start to incorporate air, moving side to side. In no less than 20 seconds you have the perfect foamed milk for pouring latte art even!

Without a pump milk jug  or more expensive stovetop steamers, texturing milk to pour latte art can be a challenge using manual espresso makers at home and on the road. You now have an affordable and accessible option that lets you enjoy a latte wherever, whenever you can heat up milk.

Operated with two AA batteries, it will power your morning cappuccinos upto a month. The Nanofoamer has been designed to be rinsed directly under the tap for ease of cleaning. Once finished, store your NanoFoamer on the adhesive wall mount available or put the protective hood over the shaft and keep it in a drawer nearby – ideal for use when travelling too.

Nanofoamer V2

The latest update to the original Nanofoamer sees 25% more power through an upgraded more reliable motor, drive system and waterproof housing. Easily the best addition to the Nanofoamer V2, it now comes with a light touch on/off switch - so you no longer require to hold the button down whilst achieving the incredible cafe quality consistency these stick foamers are well-known for.

Nanofoamer Lithium

A brand new model Nanofoamer that provides 300% more speed and reliability in making the best-foamed milk possible. With two speeds integrated in to the soft touch on/off button for operation. You now keep the Nanofoamer recharged though a USB port keeping the powerful in-built lithium-ion rechargeable battery at capacity. Keep an eye on the battery life with neon light up the side of the Nanofoamer handle. 

Subminimal NanoFoamer Milk Frother Features

Texture Silky Milk – As good as you’d get from using an Espresso Machine.

Choose your Preferred Milk – Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White style milk.

Interchangeable Nano-screens – Can be used with, or without screens to make different style textures.

Heavy Duty Shaft – Thick, rigid shaft ensures no accidental bends during use for optimal rotation. 

High-Speed Impeller – Fast and efficient at working air into your milk so it’s done under 20 secs.

Wall Mount – Able to be cleanly attached to the wall in your kitchen or by your coffee-making area.

Easy to Clean – Run the whole Nanofoamer under the tap as it’s waterproof.


  • 1 x Subminimal NanoFoamer Milk Frother
  • 1 x Protective Case
  • 2 x Nano-screens