Silver Medal winner - Mount Buninyong Blend - 2kg

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This blend is made up of beans from Colombia (not Columbia) and Brazil.

The Colombian beans create a lovely base with flavours of chocolate milk and caramel.  They come from our newest partners at Cofinet. 

Cofinet sources high-quality beans directly from dedicated farmers and cooperatives in Colombia, assisting their producers by providing them with tools that allow them to improve their lives and businesses.

Our chosen Brazillian beans add body and depth and more caramel to the roast.

This Blend just won a Silver medal at the world largest coffee roasting competition help in Port Macquarie - The Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Comp 2019

    This is the Perfect coffee if you like your Milk-based drinks (flat white, latte, cap etc) tasty and strong, but with no bitterness.