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Karon Farm Coffee

NIGHTCAP - Decaf Swiss Water Process Chemical free

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Fancy a decaf coffee that tastes like caff’d up coffee?

Enter: Nightcap.

Our Nightcap blend uses beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru and Timor.

Unlike most decaf coffees we don’t use nasty chemicals to extract the caffeine. We use a fancy thing called the Swiss Water Process. It’s environmentally friendly and makes Nightcap taste just as good as regular coffee.

In fact, the judges gave it a silver medal in 2018 for milk-based decaf drinks at the Golden Bean.

You might taste a medium body coffee with cocoa, hazelnuts and toffee.

We just taste great coffee that you can drink at any time of the day.

Drink this however you like, but we think it’s ideal for a double espresso & milk-based drinks.