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ANFIM Special Performance II+ (SPII+) Black - Titanium

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The SPII+ is a model developed by ECA and Anfim, especially for the high-volume Australian market.

Precision, balance, and flavour are the major considerations behind this grinder. With flavour at the forefront, the brand has delivered a product that produces high output, efficient workflow, and easy access to technical support.

Dual fans at the rear of the SPII+ operate cohesively, stabilising the internal temperature for consistent grinding, while the micrometric grind adjustment enables the barista to make incremental adjustments to find their precise grind setting for flavour development. 

To aid workflow, a proximity sensor located behind the cradle will activate once the portafilter has been inserted for hands-free grinding. Two programmable portion controls can be set for consistent dosing, with a clean drop and fluffy peak of ground coffee forming in the porta filter, ready for distribution and tamping.