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Xtracted Espresso

Fiamma Quadrant Espresso Machine

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It is an entry-priced machine that is easy to program and operate and has a stable group head temperature for sweeter espresso extraction.

A reliable, powerful machine that prepares excellent espresso. Quadrant DSP is a modern single boiler machine with electronic temperature control. Monitor all features with the LED display. Programmable portions for coffee on each group. Easy to use, lighted keyboards with high resistance. Generous cup warming area. Automatic cleaning cycles for the groups. Work area that allows use of cups with up 16oz size.

These models are inexpensive to maintain, unlike a high end machine like a Synesso and can syphon water out of a stand alone water reservoir for off-site events as long as you have enough power.

We can take care of servicing and installation

Top features at a glance

  • Programmable touch pads
  • Shot timers
  • In built cup hight trays 
  • Hot water outlet
  • Cup warming tray with temperature control
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Dimensions:
  • Two Group 665mm W x 563mm D x 530mm H   
  • Three Group 875mm W x 563mm D x 530mm H 
Approx 5 business days for delivery from order