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Karon Farm Coffee

Steep Coffee Bags x 5 - Mount Buninyong Blend

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Roasted locally in Ballarat, our steep coffee bags are a super convenient way to drink good coffee wherever you like.  Simply open the bag - each bag is sealed and nitrogen flushed so it will stay fresh for ages - drop in a mug and cover in hot water, agitate for 15-30 seconds, depending on how strong you like your brew and then let steep for 5 minutes. Then remove the coffee bag and enjoy, or add milk/sugar to taste - 5 steep bags per pack.


1. Convenience: Steep coffee bags provide a hassle-free brewing experience.

2. Portability: Steep coffee bags' compact and lightweight design makes them highly portable.

3. Consistency: Steep coffee bags are pre-portioned, ensuring consistent brewing results every time. Each bag contains the ideal amount of coffee for a single serving, taking the guesswork out of brewing and delivering a consistently flavorful cup.

4. Quick and Easy Cleanup: Steep coffee bags simplify cleaning. Once you’re done brewing, remove and dispose of the bag (the bags and coffee are compostabvle).

5. Versatility: Steep coffee bags are not limited to hot water brewing. They can be used for cold brewing as well, allowing you to enjoy refreshing iced coffee or cold brew coffee without the need for additional equipment.

6. Freshness: Each steep coffee bag is individually sealed, preserving the freshness and flavor of the coffee. This ensures that you can enjoy a consistently great cup of coffee with every bag.